The Data Engineering Company

about us

At Diatom, we focus exclusively on the art and science of Data Engineering. Our principals have spent years helping major companies take their Data Engineering practice from concept to production. We've scaled up teams, led technology adoption, and rolled out major projects that transform the way our clients handle data at scale. We have broad industry experience spanning pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing.

Diatom is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. We happily partner with clients in the Greater Boston Area and beyond!


Make Diatom your Data Engineering partner!


Diatom offer decades of combined architectural and development experience for all of your data engineering needs, be it on-prem or in the cloud.

Languages: Scala, Spark, Java, SQL, Pig, Python, R
Distributed Computing / Big Data Platforms: Amazon EMR, Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, Akka
Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services
Messaging: Kafka, Akka, SQS, ActiveMQ
DBs: Oracle, MySQL, H2, SQLite
NoSQL: HBase, DynamoDB, redis, MongoDB, Neo4J
Deployment: Docker, Terraform, Jenkins